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Heal a Broken Heart With Heart Chakra Meditation

heart chakra meditation

Follow this article to acquaint you with the benefits of heart chakra meditation. Furthermore, we will explore how heart chakra meditation can awaken your blocked energy…


What is the heart chakra?
The seven chakras are a series of rotating energy wheels that captivate the vital life force known as ‘prana.’  The purpose of meditating the chakras is to align and awaken them from their blocks. Achieving this allows the flow of energy freely throughout your body. This spiritual energy is often interpreted as the ultimate completeness of your mind, body and spirit.


The heart chakra – known in Sanskrit as the Anahata – is the central point in the chain of seven energy wheels. Specifically, it is found between the solar plexus and the throat chakra. ‘Anahata’ translates to ‘unstruck,’ therefore alluding to the idea that our heart remains untarnished throughout our lives. Of course this idea does not account for any hurt or hardship we may experience as conscious beings. Thus, the impact of these negative experiences form the blocks that heart chakras meditation attempts to overcome.


What are the benefits of heart chakra meditation?
In theory, heart chakra meditation serves as a linkage between our mind and our body. An open heart is able to transfer energy to our souls. This grants humans the ability to experience emotional responses such as love and passion. However, a closed off heart chakra often manifests itself through negative emotions. These emotions may include jealousy, self-deprecation and hatred towards others.


Heart chakra meditation works to encourage outward signs of love, forgiveness and compassion. Essentially, focusing on the heart during meditation attempts to dissuade your soul from holding on to past negative emotions. If you can achieve a sense of openness in yourself, your person will become elevated into one who does not begrudge. Ultimately, this process attempts opens your heart to new emotional experiences. Without heart chakra meditation this experience would otherwise remain hindered by the shadows of former grievances.


How can I practise heart chakra meditation?
Practising heart chakra meditation typically requires stretching out the chest in a comfortable position. The standing bow pose is an ideal position for beginners. In combination with meditation, this pose serves to balance the energy emitted from your heart chakra. Furthermore, using the mantra ‘yum’ will also aid you in directing mindfulness towards your heart and chest area. This mantra should be repeated in time with your natural cadence, creating a rhythm that you feel encompasses both your mental and physical states.


Many yogis and yoginis have often found that using music harmonises the flow of energy from their chakras. We recommend using Heart Chakras Meditation by Karunesh to aid you in your path of alignment. The Inner Temple (track 5) from this album is a personal favourite.
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