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Kundalini Snake Symbol – Origin of the Kundalini Snake Symbol

Kundalini Snake Symbol

Continuing reading this article to learn out about the origin of kundalini snake symbol. Discover the historical parallels between the kundalini snake symbol and a kundalini awakening experience…


What does the kundalini snake symbol represent?
The kundalini snake symbolises the stored spiritual energy – situated in a coil at the base of our spines. When we experience a kundalini awakening this energy is able to pass through us. It transcends the body from a persons muladhara chakra (spine) up to the their crown chakra (head). Yoga and meditation considers this to be a transformational experience.


You will experience a sudden rush of becoming overwhelmed whilst balancing several exhilarating physiological and psychological experiences. In addition, the process can also be turbulent during its path. Yogi’s and yogini’s who can successfully stabilise themselves through an awakening, benefit from enhanced spirituality and peace with themselves. This spiritual process is occurs as energy rises through our spines (like the kundalini snake) – which takes us to a higher state of consciousness. The best reflection of this sustained higher consciousness is through powerful knowledge, mystical visions and enlightenment!


Where did the kundalini snake symbol originate from?
There origins of the kundalini snake symbol has many interpretations. Most theorists currently suggest that the kundalini snake symbol – which depicts a snake wrapped around a tree – is connected to spirituality and religion. In the Book of Genesis, the story goes that the snake tempts Adam and Eve to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge. This passage implies that the snake represents creativity whereas the tree represents powerful knowledge. As such, the kunalini snake symbol merges these elements together.


Many professors speculate that the shedding of snake’s skin and a kundalini awakening experience share some parallels. This is because the shedding of a snakes skin symbolises rebirth, transformation and healing of yourself. However, you can only experience this through a kundalini awakening experience. As such, these experiences are commonly referred to as self-enlightenment – which is the literal version of the shedding of skin in the kundalini snake symbol. However, you will have to take this information with a pinch of salt. However, professors agree that the connections between the kundalini snake symbol and the Book of Genesis are merely personal opinion.


The Verdict…
If you wish to find out more information about the path to a kundalini awakening experience we strongly recommend reading – Kundalini: Evolutionary Energy in Man. The story you will read reflects the life of Gopi Krishna, a 34 year old man, who experiences kundalini after years of unsupervised meditation.
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