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How Might The Mystical Moves Of Kundalini Yoga Kriya Help You?

kundalini yoga kriya

Kundalini yoga kriya offer an array of exercises tailored to ancient spiritual scriptures. From humble beginners to years of practice, teachers and students have recorded experiencing a deep state of overwhelming consciousness. Follow this article to find out more about the spiritual and physical benefits associated with kundalini yoga kriya.


What are kriya and why are they practised in kundalini meditation?
Kundalini meditation uses kriyas (exercises) to help people awaken their spiritual energy. In essence, kundalini yoga kriya are tailored to improve your physical posture and breathing, whilst meditation calms and cleanses your mind. If you perform the ritual correctly it can help to release the spiritual energy stored from beneath your spinal chakras. This released energy will flow through your spine towards the crown of your head. However, the uncontrolled release of excess spiritual energy can cause a person to become overwhelmed in their surroundings. Many yogi’s have experienced an overwhelming bodily response to this phenomenon, often evoking spontaneous movements and thoughts – which emulate into life changing results.


It is understood that an array of different kundalini yoga kriya positions can release blocked energy from within you. This includes implementing the 18 Kriya Postures of Babaji Nagaraj. Once released, the potential to reach a full kundalini awakening increases massively. Furthermore, this release can also open many other parts of the body and spirit up to other benefits from kundalini energy. This includes your eyes, mouth, mind, internal organs, sexual organs and circulatory and nervous systems.


What are the benefits of practising kundalini yoga kriya?
Most importantly, the involuntary muscle contractions stimulate an energy release that promotes healing of the body. Regular performance of kundalini yoga kriya will, over time, leave you with healthier and more relaxed muscles. A further significant benefit of kundalini yoga kriya is the strengthening and healing effects they have on the nervous system. As your nervous system slowly begins to become unblocked, you may begin to notice that your reflexes heighten to the stimuli surrounding  you. For example, these stimuli may include sunlight, air, water, skin contact and pleasure. In return, you will reap the overwhelming feeling of improved physical and mental responsiveness and well-being.


You may also begin to notice increased muscle strength, flexibility and tone. This is because of the charged energy that originates and passes from within your body. Your internal organs, particularly the heart, thorax and digestive tract all receive an electrical boost as well. You’ll almost immediately notice the benefit of this change to your physical well-being. You will notice your heart pumping faster, your breathing becoming more controlled and your stomach feeling less bloated after meals. Furthermore, you’ll likely experience an exponential increase in positive thoughts and sexual libido. This is because kundalini yoga kriya is noted for clearing the anxieties and inhibitions which accumulate in the mind. In the process of being clear of consciousness, your libido will elevate into a spiritually awoken feeling of ultimate pleasure and desire.


Consciousness of Kundalini Kriyas
Occasionally, whilst performing kundalini yoga kriya a yogi may slip into an alternative state of consciousness. This state is best described as a deepened and enchanting feeling of bliss, filled with ecstatic and transforming moments. The root of this process is derived from the alignment of your spiritual energy. Once achieved, your perception to your surrounding environment will intensify in sharpness, sound, colour, sensitivity and physical movements. The journey throughout this path can be astounding, but may lead you to act out involuntary movements and sounds. Sometimes kundalini yoga kriya have evoked people to involuntary chant mantras without any meaning or awareness of themselves doing so.


The Verdict…
In conclusion, kundalini yoga kriyas offer exercises which can help you to fulfill your spiritual potential. When used routinely you’ll benefit from improved overall physical and mental well-being. Through training and perserverance you’ll eventually become awoken to your surroundings, revealing the full spiritual potential from within you.
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