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Let’s face it. Hot yoga is famous for changing lives, and for healing bodies and minds. So if you’re just thinking of starting yoga (hot or not) or you’re a hot yoga enthusiast who practices several times a week, the Hot Yoga MasterClass will create the spark in your practice to make it feel great every time, and help you make the changes you wish to have in your life.

In print since 2008, the Hot Yoga MasterClass manual is finally available as a travel-friendly and inexpensive black & white paperback (BW) edition. Long-considered as the quintessential ‘Hot Yoga Bible’ it continues to receive glowing 5-star reviews; from hot yoga students (beginners to advanced) teachers (Bikram and hot yoga) and would-be teachers from around the globe.

With the Hot Yoga MasterClass you will …

  • Take the positive step to dramatically improve your practice and take your benefits to the next level.
  • Discover the nuances of an effective, physiologically correct approach to hot yoga.
  • Learn the subtleties of a precise (or accurate) practice and avoid the classic mistakes that most students make.
  • Know what to do when your teacher either doesn’t have the time to help or if your teacher is not sure how to help you find your sweet spot.
  • Be amazed that sometimes the most minor of shifts in your approach will be the key that unlocks a pose for you.

When you use the Hot Yoga MasterClass you’ll have in your hands the key to getting the depth in the poses, the how-to of adjustments and corrections that will work for your body (that aren’t obvious in the scripted class you could be attending) and what you wish to have to do in order to avoid injury. It’s the next best thing to having Gabrielle right there in the room with you, an expert coach at your fingertips.

This is the reference you’ve been looking for, if:

  • You want to transform your own practice
  • You want to learn in a few weeks what usually takes years to discover
  • You want to breakthrough “plateaus” in your poses
  • You want to uncover EXACTLY what needs to improve in your pose alignment
  • You want to reduce the risk of injury
  • You want to accommodate existing injuries – and still practice safely
  • You want to safely and effectively modify a pose to suit YOUR body type
  • You want to learn which parts of a pose to focus on … and why
  • You want to learn how to focus, remove distractions and gain a deeper satisfaction from your class
  • You want to know how to advance in your own practice and “where to go next” – although your teacher isn’t aware or sufficiently experienced
  • You want to know how to continue practicing although you encounter overly dogmatic – or worse – aggressive teachers (yes, are you able to imagine it? They DO exist!)
  • You want to set up a home practice – including how to set up and heat your room
  • You want to make this amazing yoga be the life-changing practice it can be (and if you already think it’s life changing … well I accept as true with you! Believe how much MORE of a difference you’ll make when you “discover what you didn’t know”!)
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