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How To Master The Art Of Sacral Chakra Healing

sacral chakra healing

Let us delve into the process of sacral chakra healing (or Swadhisthana chakra healing). Sacral chakra healing has the ability to restore the flow of energy required to love yourself without fear of persecution. Sacral chakra healing requires yoga, meditation, food, healing crystals and essential oils. If performed regularly, healing your sacral chakra will emerge successfully. To find out whether you may need sacral chakra healing check out Do I Need Sacral Chakras Healing?


What is the sacral chakra?
The sacral chakra (located below the tailbone) is the ultimate source of an individual’s sexuality, self-esteem, creativity, pleasures and frustrations. These feelings are emulated in your life as emotional responses. They include feelings of shame, guilt, sex, prosperity and control. Balancing the use your emotions can be difficult. However, when controlled appropriately, your personal magnetism, emotional intimacy and pleasurable connectivity improve to both yourself and other around you. Releasing stored energy from within the sacral chakra elevates your spiritual state to overwhelming feelings of completeness. This includes unrivalled passion, self-love and an intimate connection to your deepest feelings. A blocked sacral chakra may manifest as emotional over activity, whereas an amplification may lead to self-sabotage. In our daily lives, these emotional changes may impact our sexuality, relationships, addictions and self-identity.


What recommendations are available for achieving optimal sacral chakra healing?
Sacral chakra healing requires regular practical stimulation and discipline. Overtime, the blocked flow of energy from the sacral chakra will alleviate. This leads to a balanced flow of energy leaving your pelvis and reinvigorate your emotional and physiological well-being. We recommend following this list of top tips to help get you started on your path of sacral chakra healing:
  • Yoga – In a controlled and relaxed environment yoga poses promote strength and control to your pelvis. Overtime, this may help improve your sex life. Hip opening exercises are a fundamental discipline that should be applied to help sacral chakras healing. Poses may include wide-angle seated forward bends or Bound Angle Poses. For further information about the best yoga poses to help with sacral chakra healing we recommend using Yoga: Top 10 Yoga Poses To Help Improve Your Sex Life by Jennifer Anderson
  • Essential Oils – Different essential oils have the ability to heal each of the seven chakras. The best essential oils used for sacral chakra healing includes peppermint and ylang ylang. Other beneficial oils for other chakras include sandalwood, patchouli, orange and rose. Chakra Oil Aromatherapy Set with Pure Essential Oils from Kokokahn offers ta luxury selection of pure essential oils for all aspects of the seven chakras. Applying these oils directly on the pelvis after yoga and meditation will help stimulate the sacral chakra healing process. This will accelerate the liberation of creative and sensual energy.
  • Healing Stones – Healing stones are specially selected based on their individual healing properties. Each stone helps to align your chakras by harmonizing and equilibrate=ing the flow of chakra energy through your spine. Healing stones are best used alongside essential oils to amplify the rate of sacral chakra healing. We recommend using Gemstone Chakra Kit Crystal Healing Balancing Set of 7 because of their excellent quality stones with clear accompanying instructions about their properties and uses.


Are there any side effects from sacral chakra healing?
In certain circumstances, sacral chakra healing may lead to certain side effects. They include:
  • Delusions of self or sexuality – leading to obsessive sexual fantasies. These fantasies may hinder your spiritual and sexual connection with your partner
  • Enhances maladaptive behaviours – consequently causing increased addictive behaviours such as smoking, drinking and food
  • Imbalanced co-dependent behaviour – in which your sacral chakra healing process may become hindered by the people you live with. Fundamentally, you must strive to work with others around you, so that they can understand your path to healing.
  • Enhanced Destructive Feelings – destructive feelings, such as jealousy, anger and rage also stem from the sacral chakra. Consequently, sacral chakra healing may exacerbate some of these core feeling leading to overreactions and self-destruction.
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