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Do I Need Sacral Chakra Healing?

Sacral Chakra Healing

Discover the power of the  sacral chakra healing. The second chakra (or swadhisthana chakra), referred to as the sacral chakra has the ability to restore the flow of energy required to love yourself without fear of persecution. Using some simple self-reflective questions you’ll quickly discover whether sacral chakra healing is necessary to help you…


What is the sacral chakra?
The sacral chakra, situated in the pelvis below the tailbone, is the ultimate source of an individual’s sexuality, self-esteem, creativity, pleasures and frustrations. In life, these feelings emulate your own sense of morality which governs responses such as shame, guilt, sex, prosperity and control. As such, feelings of duality, personal magnetism balance your own ability to fulfil emotional intimacy and pleasurable connectivity – to yourself and other around you. Releasing stored energy from within the sacral chakra elevates your spiritual state to overwhelming feelings of completeness. This includes unrivalled passion, self-love and an intimate connection to your deepest feelings.


How does western culture view sacral chakra healing?
However, society often dismisses these feelings of fullness on both collective and individual levels. Collectively, our paths may continue to be littered with the emptiness of others.


Most frequently, this is due to the dampening, dismissive stance society has towards spiritual connectivity, openness and creativity. Therefore, these preconditioned feelings – of resentment, denial or disbelief – may impact our own emotional well-being. With each negative experience, our ability to become emotional, intimate and open with the people around us, slowly begins to ebb away. Amplifying or obstructing your sacral chakra will impact your daily life may be impacted. A blocked sacral chakra may manifest as emotional over activity, whereas an amplification may lead to self-sabotage.


In our daily lives, these emotional changes may impact our sexuality, relationships, addictions and self-identity. For example, when was the last time you felt you loved yourself? If you are unsure, it is most likely the result of underpinning psychological or physical distress. Distress stems from a blockage to the sacral chakra, which in this state cannot freely dissipate the flow of energy. To address this, sacral chakra healing strives to eliminate these blocks to liberate the flow of energy once more.


Questioning the Need for Sacral Chakra Healing
To better understand the flow of energy from our sacral chakra, we must first propose some self-reflective questions. These questions will enable us to determine the stability of our emotional well-being and self-love:
Some questions to consider when assessing the energy of your second chakra include:
  • Do you feel attractive?
  • How do you feel about your self-image?
  • Do you feel your emotions over-rule your life?
  • Do you have an addictive personality?
  • How passionate are you about life?
  • Do you feel drained of energy – to perform activities of daily living?


A person who devalues themself may require the realigning of their sacral chakra. Ultimately, everyone should feel optimistic to these questions. If not, then the process of sacral chakra healing must begin.
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