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What Is Kundalini Meditation? – The Guided Spirit Stored Within!

What is Kundalini Meditation?

What is Kundalini meditation is a question frequently asked by yogi’s and yogini’s along all stages of their spiritual journeys. In short, it is the path to spiritual awakening. Follow this guide and hopefully you will gain a clearer understanding about the origins and benefits of achieving your own spiritual awakening…


So what is kundalini?
When asked ‘what is kundalini meditation?’, it is often difficult to express the shear magnificence of the enlightening experience in words. Experiencing a kundalini awakening is the ultimate goal of your spiritual path in yoga and meditation.


To answer the question ‘what is kundalini meditation?’, we should first define what kundalini is. It is a form of energy that lies dormant within the body at the base of the chakras. The shape of this energy is represented as a snake; which lies coiled around the spine in a ‘spring-like’ nature.  You can activate your kundalini by practising specialised kundalini meditation techniques. This art form can take many years to master, but through persistence can awaken the energy blocks that lay dormant within each person. The purpose of the kundalini awakening is enhance your path to enlightenment – so that your psyche and soul may realign with your true destiny.


In short, the word ‘kundalini’ means latent energy that is found at the bottom of the spin beneath the mulhadara chakras.


What is kundalini meditation and how can I practise it?
Kundalini meditation initially focuses on deep breathing that reaches your diaphragm, as opposed to shallow breathing. You can partake in these breathing exercises several times a day. In doing so, you will revitalise your energy and optimism. You should be sat or reclined in a comfortable position to effectively carry out this stage of kundalini meditation.  The breathing exercises should last approximately 10 minutes. You may wish to use a simple chanting mantra to help you keep your thoughts free from distraction and fixated on your breathing rhythm.


The next stage involves chanting whilst carrying out the kundalini breathing method in order to align with your rhythm. It should be repeated several times until you feel the alignment taking its place.


The third focal point of kundalini meditation is addressing the flexibility of your spine. You should practice rotating your pelvis and flexing your spine to achieve a supple constitution. Neck rolls can aid you in this stage of kundalini meditation, as well as many other basic yoga positions.


What is kundalini meditation benefiting me with if I practise it regularly?
When yogis and yoginis ask what is kundalini meditation, they are often interested about its benefits to them. Kundalini meditation can help you to align your spiritual energy, so that you may experience sensations of increased self awareness. But be warned, your path to enlightenment maybe a turbulent one. In certain cases, students have noted experiencing flushes, exhaustion, anxiety, fatigue and even episodes of psychosis.


Practising kundalini meditation will help heal your soul and ignite your stored spiritual energy. Through doing this, you may experience several symptoms of kundalini awakening. You may feel a sudden rush of heightened sensation to your surroundings with increased sensitivity and sexual arousal. It is likely you will experience these symptoms as a side effect from the healing process. After you have recovered from this experience, these symptoms will subside and your normal life will resume.


How do I achieve my own kundalini awakening?
To help guide your path towards a kunalini awakening we recommend using Kundalini Meditation: Guided Chakra Practices to Activate the Energy of Awakening. This two part CD offers the most comprehensive guide towards understanding each of your chakras and how to meditate towards clearing the blocks of energy in each. Rest assured, with the meditation guide and additional sound healing features included, you’ll soon be on your way towards achieving a holistic sense of rebalance, perspective and energy.
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