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Health Benefits Of Yoga For Pregnant Ladies


Yoga is a great way you can help the well-being of yourself and your baby. The list of health benefits practising yoga will reward you with are endless. You can learn how to control your breathing (pranayama), strengthen your posture (asana) and even tone your muscles! All whilst being in a completely relaxed and positive setting. Follow this handy guide to find out more information about practising these fun yoga exercises…


What are the benefits of pranayama during yoga for pregnant ladies?
Practising pranayama promotes an overwhelming sense of physical and mental relaxation. Relaxation, that is great for lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. Deep pranayama can also play an important role during childbirth. It signals your body to start producing oxytocin (a hormone which  relieves pain whilst relaxing your pelvic floor muscles). This could make pranayama one of the best ways you can prepare for labour.


Using yoga for pregnant ladies helps them to better understand their breathing patterns
To begin this path you must comfortably seat yourself cross legged on the floor. If you are closer to term and need additional back support, using a chair may help. Slowly close your eyes and begin to eliminate your surroundings from your mind. Many people practise mantras to help them with this separation process. As you begin to focus, allow your belly to expand around your waist into its natural, fullest position. Promoting relaxation to yourself will help your spine to uncoil into its natural posture, whilst also widening your lung capacity.


Once you are completely still, slowly begin to inhale and exhale. Allow your shoulders and facial muscles to soften with each breathe you take. Pay particular attention to any tension remaining in the body. This may include the buttocks, lower back, neck and bladder. In each breathing phase, focus your mind on these physical limitations. Allow each exhalation to soften your fatigued muscles – whilst keeping yourself in a completely relaxed and controlled. This may take some time for beginners. But as you begin to slip into a deeper state of consciousness, try to notice the pattern of your breathing. This includes the depth, rate and tone of each breathe you take.


Continue to practice each of these skills and you’ll gradually become able to translate your thoughts into your breaths. During this period, a breathing pattern emerges. To help you relax, we recommend pracitsing to OSHO Nataraj Meditation. Overtime, you’ll be able to uncover a far deeper sense of self-perspective and well-being. Furthermore, you’ll begin to embrace yourself into your surroundings with complete calmness and composure.


The FIVE best! – Poses to practise in yoga for pregnant ladies
Stretching and strengthening the muscles of your body is a fantastic way to help you stay physically fit during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga classes for pregnancy offer poses that specifically focus on stretching your muscles. However, we know that it may not always be possible to attend a class near you. Therefore, we have come up with the five best poses in yoga for pregnant ladies:
  • Extended Side Angle Pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana) – an ideal energetic boost to your hips if you’ve had a slow day
  • Triangle Pose (Trikonasana) – a simple stretch to help regain your sense of balance and composure
  • Cat Pose (Marjaryasana) – a posture that gently warms up the spine and stretches the hips and front of the body. An ideal preparation pose for the upcoming benefits of the cow pose
  • Cow Pose (Bitilasana) – shifts the weight of your baby away from your spine to help alleviate back pain in later pregnancy. An ideal pose to get you back on track
  • Childs Pose (Balasana) – focuses on relaxing the face whilst managing deep breathing. A perfect way to rest between poses and preparing for childbirth


The Verdicts In…
Ultimately, the key to your success whilst practising any pose is to remain completely relaxed. Using controlled breathing can help you to achieve this. For more information about yoga for pregnant ladies we recommend Prenatal Vinyasa Workout by Julie Schloen.  We recommend using a soft yoga mat and comfortable yoga cushion to help you relax and achieve your goals.


With practise, each of the proposed poses will help tone and strengthen your neck, legs, hips, waist and organs. All the while, improving your circulation and energy levels. After any session you should always spend time relaxing. This will help optimise your physical health and relieve any further
tension. A simple Lotus Pose is a great way to achieve this.


Of course, pregnancy is a delicate time in any woman’s life and poses additional risks with any pose practised. As such, we strongly recommend avoiding any straining, twisting or applying excessive pressure to your abdomen. If you are unsure about the risks of practising any poses recommended please seek advice from your doctor.
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